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White labeling refers to the process of selling and re-selling or branding or re-branding of products, goods, or services by one company to another. In the general sense of the term, white labeling means whiting the label of one company and pasting another label on it. For further clarifications, let us take an example- A company X sells a product to another company called Y, agreeing to the terms and conditions of getting its tag wiped out from the sold product. Later the company Y replaces the earlier tag with its own brand’s name and sells it to the end-users. In this way the whole white labeling process work.

Now the question comes, what is White Label Software? In the world of technology, white labeling works in terms of software, apps, and other digital programs. Thus, white-label software is the software that is applicable to re-branding of the same by the user, which is mostly a company or business organization. For instance, Vendasta is an international white label software that lends itself particularly well to reselling or re-branding. The primary objective of it is to enhance customer loyalty and faith, save time and resources mandatory for boarding new solutions for development and arrangement. The white-label software minimizes the burden of the organization and helps them channelize their energy on other factors such as the foundation, growth, increment, etc. of the organization. Basically, this is a SaaS arrangement where the users subscribe and pay on a monthly basis. In view of this, the end-user has another business. It is noteworthy to mention that white-label software is flexible to be sold to end customers, based on the product and service model of the white-label software dealer and distributor.

If you still have doubts, then you are at the right place. Because this article will make you familiar with the whole process of white labeling along with the few white-label software of India. The followings are the few suggested names of white-label software produced in India:

Abara LMS


Advtech Solutions Fleet Management Services


Online business management services

E-commerce Software Platforms






Store Hippo







Abara LMS

This software focuses on employee training and permits businesses to upload their own logo and customize the styling to match their branding. As and when the employees log in to the portal of the organization, they seamlessly identify themselves common with the rest of the company website.
The pandemic did not come alone, it forgathered several new challenges. Be it a normal household or a big multinational company, the effects of the COVID-19 are distinct. Let us consider a business organization. Irrespective of its size, the struggle to manage and organize the particulars of a business is almost similar. In this case, what will be more beneficial than a helping hand which will unload and handle a number of issues associated with the business firm. ABARA LMS is that helping hand.
Right from induction and training to assessment, ABARA LMS is determined to help you with everything related to employee onboarding. We cannot deny the fact that the physical training of an employee is comparatively more effective than the online process of training. However, to cope up with the pandemic, some measures have to be taken which will shift us from the state of nothingness to somethingness. ABARA LMS is the right point to get stuck to for the right cause.
It uses certain methods such as,

Easily accessible central repository combining the creation and storage of courses.

Guidance for the inclusion of digital learning.

Repeated assess to the training content.

Resourceful and budget-friendly equipment to train the employees before allowing them enter the world of business.

What you need to do is create an LMS account first. The further process will be tackled by us. We firmly assure you train your employee in the best way possible. We have featured ourselves with finest training content provider that will ease the job of accessing repeated trainings on the part of the employees. This not only qualifies the heights of retention for your employees but also ensures the provision of standard-level training for them. What differentiates it with the traditional training practices is its consistency and structured technique of onboarding employees.

Nevertheless, what we expect from you is nothing but to give us an insight about your expectations, objectives and ideas to prepare an ideal chart of the proceedings for onboarding your employees. The following includes some of the key elements of such practice of onboarding employee:

Vision and mission sharing

History and about the organization

Organization-wide ethics and policies

Introduction to the new role

Information on the product and services of the organization

Compliance training


It is an advanced design modelling software which will assist you in the delivery of large and extremely complex projects with sheer ability and compliance. Starting from making high-quality paper-plots consistently to generating reports, 2D/3D physical models, i-models and PDFs, Microstation is there to manage your models and projects running on optimum time and budget.

Microstation uses certain methods such as,

Integrate imagery, point clouds, raster and geo-spatial information like 3D reality meshes in your models.

Encompass built-in ray tracing technology and provides you with real-time visualization.

Clash detection and resolution.

Building 3D parametric complex models with different modeling tools including solid modeling, surface, mesh, feature and more.

Enforcing he organizational and project-specific standards required on your geometry and data.

Check for any compliance.

Speed drafting and annotating drawings with intelligent and personalized snapping and creating a dynamic entry which is re-considerable.

It is a white label software that is flexible, latest and verifiable from all points. Working with Microstation will lighten your load, increase your creative skills, improve your designs and models, accumulate additional strength to your risky projects and at the end it will enhance your working speed. You can also create animations, simulations and visualizations through an access to a rich online library of the right materials and lighting. Its BIM workflows will aid you gain a competitive advantage on your 2D drafting and CAD designing skills. Therefore, it is worth mentioning that MicroStation is a latest software resolute to hold biggest and complex projects with comfort, confidence and calm.

Advtech Solutions Fleet Management Services

Businesses are not just succumbed to exchange of products with the clients, but also engaged with taking care of the vehicle management system that are equally substantial to the growth of one’s business. If you think to put quality to your business by employing a robust vehicle management system, then Advtech Solutions Fleet Management Services is a vital white label software designed primarily to improve the efficiency of your business with its fleet management services.
Gone are the days when you have to depend on traditional system of managing your vehicle because Advtech Solutions Fleet Management Services provides the best software to manage routine inspections and service reminders of your vehicle without fail. It inculcates plenty of facilities such as real-time DTC alerts, rich engine and tyre utilization reports to bar on the possibilities of accidents or uncertainties. The software is updated with latest technology that will automatically alert you upon issues that takes place with your vehicle. It is an app which functions on the ground of promising runtime that your vehicle can endure for a longer period of time along with time-to-time reminders and alarms for routine examinations of your vehicle. This not only lends cost-effective services for your fleet but also reduces the cost and time investment of your business on the vehicle management issues. It firmly handles this work with ease and determination.
Regularly, it provides thorough, interactive and analytical report that will profit you in using your vehicle for end number of purposes, including even those which are thought to be impossible. This comprehensible report will give enlightening inputs on all relevant information associated with your fleet. The optimised scheduling and dispatch algorithm of our app will help you gauge real time traffic and select the best routes. Not just that, it is guarded with such fantastic technology that can detect idle time and total cost-per-mile value.
Besides all the above-mentioned points, it is interesting to add that this white label software is a great help when it comes to fleet optimization and creating valuable reports on the fleet management system. In order to manage your operations cost, this software works magically. This software will not only notify you of the shortage of fuel but also alerts you at the time of fuel theft. Well, this is something to take note of or put lights on. It also provides you updates on the drivers’ expenses on your vehicle and fuel.
It partakes to share the load of your business by lending little assistance in managing your fleet and helping you channelize your energy on other important matters.


Do you lack accounting knowledge? If you urge to get an automatic software that will calculate your profit and loss in your business then ProfitBooks is there to help you out with the best way possible. It is a latest software designed primarily to manage your finance if you lack accounting knowledge or would be interested to direct your energies into other business matters.

One of the easiest and fastest growing online accounting software, ProfitBooks allows an unsound and ineffective account holder to generate fascinating and powerful invoices, track expenses and manage inventory. Some of the significant methods include:

Create fascinating and powerful invoices: Here it is simpler to generate beautiful and influential invoices and track payments with ease and comfort. Without putting extra efforts in accounting long bills and calculating lengthy accounts, ProfitBooks eases the job by accumulating automatic invoice facility. Not only this, it is helpful in generating detailed tax reports, collaborate with your accountant online, record manual journal and track business expenses.

Receive online payment using payment gateway: ProfitBooks is a brilliant software that includes payment gateway where you can receive online payment. It is efficient especially in the online transaction system.

Record advance payments: Along with receiving online payment, ProfitBooks records advance payments made by your customers. This software is highly reliable as it helps to automatically enter the prepaid and postpaid amounts in its accounting file.

Track accounts receivables with sales reports: It is noteworthy to point that this software can easily track accounts receivable with sales entries. The reports are effectively dealt in details by this software and later it is verifiable to track the important business accounts.

From simplifying purchase workflow with POs, tracking manufacturing processes, maintaining product batches, tracking inventory flow at multiple warehouses to finding low stock using powerful reports with ease, ProfitBooks is determined to handle your business matters (accounting especially) with care and coordination.

Online business management services

Are you new in the business world? Are you willing to start-up with online business platform? If yes, then you are in the right direction. Online business management is a software provider business management service which will guide you to frame your own online business site and will help you to learn tactics about business. The software, right from customizing an online site for shopping to providing the customers with various delivery options like local delivery option or pick-up points, is designed to organize your online business modules. Assisting you in shipping orders to customers and sell on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook etc., this software is comprehensibly manufactured to make you through the challenge of establishing as a reliable business firm.
This software will be accessible for free to a start-up business and as the business meet the turn over of certain amount, the service provider will ask you to make low payments. However, you can access more advanced features to expand your customer outreach by shifting to a paid plan. This business management service helps you design software that enables you to manage all kinds of business transactions online. From accepting orders from your customers to its delivery, the app takes care of the tiniest of details like notifying customers when their package is about to be delivered. You can not only accept online payments with your software but also treat your customers with gift cards for future purchases. The app also lets you print shipping labels and packing slips.
Is it the effect of the pandemic that upsurged the demand of online business? Well yes and no, both. It is true because people seek safety and security in buying stuffs. And online business abides by the protocols of the COVID 19 set by the Government of India. The online business owners are being extra cautious beginning from packaging of the client’s products to delivering them with ultra-protection, thus the upsurge in online business. Again, it is untrue because online business is a trendy phenomenon since its inception. The demand may increase with the pandemic but the popularity has been there and it will be there forever.
This service makes sure that the website is accessible to all so that you can perform any kind of function from taking online orders or booking appointments. Working with this software is as flexible as the team of business companies that hire this service to create their own personalized service providing website. Other tasks that our app helps you easily deal with include:

One of the easiest and fastest growing online accounting software, ProfitBooks allows an unsound and ineffective account holder to generate fascinating and powerful invoices, track expenses and manage inventory. Some of the significant methods include:

Easily syncs all your data on various devices

Allows you carry out any kind of delivery option that the customer wishes for

Integration of your website with social networking apps

Accepts all kinds of payment options

Helps you generate and provide sale coupons

Database management

SEO qualified

Helps you with SSL security

E-commerce Software Platforms

Business organizations, be it small or big, need their work flow with ease and sync. That is one of the reasons why it depends on e-commerce software platforms to bring hastiness and simplicity in their e-commerce business modules. It is easy to handle the inventory of online stores and also assist in calculation of taxes and fulfilling orders. Some of the best e-commerce software platforms are mentioned below:


Initial price: ₹2088/month

Business: Start-ups, SMEs, Freelancers and Enterprise

It is one of the leading e-commerce platform software in India which gathers attention from all but particularly from small retailers and start-ups. Its themes, apps, templates and SEO features make it even more simple in building online stores in a much faster rate. This software accumulates features like customer support, inventory and content management system, payment gateway integration, store customization, security, POS invoicing etc.


Initial price: Available on request

Business: SMEs, Agencies and Enterprise

If you require a software that helps you to sell more, then Uniware is the right partner to be with. It is one of the finest e-commerce platform software which is fast and fulfills multi-channel order. Considered best for both B2C and B2B companies, Uniware is characterized with finest facilities common to other e-commerce software platforms, such as, customer support, POS invoicing, email and SMS marketing, product database, inventory management, security and social integration, vendor and order management etc.


Initial price: ₹2999 user/month

Business: Start-ups, SMEs, Agencies and Enterprise

Built with highly scalable technology, StoreHippo is one among the best modern e-commerce platform software helpful for one’s business to be at the top. It not only provides full customization but also offers sophisticated solutions needed for the growth and development of your online business. Features with many facilities like inventory management, product database, payment gateway integration, content delivery network, store customization etc. StoreHippo defines modernity and integrity.


Initial price: ₹12000/year

Business: Start-ups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprise and Freelancers

It aids you to construct a full-fledged online store. Your store will encompass an efficient store manager, shipping options and several payment gateways. With a single signup you can get introduced to millions of facilities that will eventually help you to sell more and more items. Decorated with multiple features, Shopnix remains in the priority list of many business organizations. To cite a few, it has inventory management system, customer support feature, multi-currency, payment gateway integration, security and store customization, content management system and so on.


Initial price: ₹0/month

Business: Freelancers, Start-ups and SMEs

Keeping you stress free from the hectic course of managing your online business, Wix is there to lend you real creative liberty from the beginning till end. Right from providing hosting, password protection, customizable templates, custom domains, google friendly, image library to bringing social integration, SEO friendly tools etc., Wix fixes all matters related to establishing your online business.


Initial price: ₹999 user/month

Business: Start-ups, SMEs and Agencies

For retail stores and online business, Primaseller proves to be the best e-commerce platform software. This software is designed in such a way that you can easily manage your online stock from web and mobile point of sale. What distinguishes it from the other e-commerce software is its features- customer support, email and SMS marketing, POS invoice, catalog and vendor management, marketplace integration and the list goes on.

Thus, as the universe is trying to revive and bring back normalcy into the system, these five white label software make sure to comfort you with miscellaneous jobs like training employees, handling large projects, managing your fleet, online business and its accounts and so on. The above discussed software and services designing software are preoccupied by the white labelling system. These software are fashioned and sold with the prime purpose to enhance your business and help you work with ease and comfort. Both internally and externally, these software aid in the growth and development of your business. It handles one issue with such perfection that reviewing becomes less important. For small to big business firm, the above discussed software, including the e-commerce platform software, are accessible to grow one’s business in the larger competitive world.
With this, let us wipe out stress in your business and embrace heights and success with ease, together and forever.