We turn your ideas into reality

We build Software, Mobile Apps, SEO & Cater to your all Technology needs.

We also provide developers on a staff augmentation basis.

About Us

We Make Creative Solutions

Livyoung’s Mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to more reliable & innovative technology solutions. Livyoung Realtech provides world-class technology solutions all across the globe. We are the most passionate and genuine tech developers. What differentiates us from others is, We have more “Skin in the Game” in our client’s success & we “Own our process to deliver results”.
We build brands and technology solutions to achieve World-class results.

Mobile Application Development

Software Development

Search Engine Optimization

IT staff augmentation/ Developers on sharing basis

Our Design & Development Process

Our Scientific methods to strive for excellence

Strategy & Roadmap

We spent the majority of time understanding customer’s real problems. It carves our strategy for better solutions. This is the requirement gathering and analysis phase.

Strategy & Roadmap

We spent the majority of time understanding customer’s real problems. It carves our strategy for better solutions. This is the requirement gathering and analysis phase.


Based on the specification and page design, the development team starts the work. The development is divided into short sprints. The team masters front end and back end technologies.

Launch & Monitor

When all modules are ready, a team of a PM, BA, Developer, DevOps specialist, and a Team Lead work on the deployment of the system on the customer’s environment. The team configure, customize, perform tests, teach users and achieve stable system operation.

History of Development

Software & Application Development

Delivered for many Indian Govt Projects
Productivity & Automation

Employee Onboarding LMS

Architect 360 degree, 3D application

Event Management WebApp

Open AI based Gaming application

Automated Webapp Testing SAAS tool

History of Development

Search Engine Optimization

Sale funnel working for you 24 by 7

Delivered 1,000,000 Targetted traffic

Generated $50000 monthly revenue for the client

Served clients from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Dubai, and India

Average Rating By all clients 4.8

What We Offer

Mobile App Development

We develop the best class, the customer-friendly app for you.

Developed Mobile apps on all technology platforms.

Search Engine Optimization

We ranked our many clients on the No 1 Position for their targeted keywords. Built sales funnel of inbound leads from all across the globe. In short, Results delivered.

Staff Augmentation/ IT Staffing

We Provide developers on sharing basis. Developers having all types of programming skillset.

All Application Support

We provide all application support in all languages.

If you want to save in support team or you don’t want to get in regular maintenance or support for your client, we are there to help you in any language.

Saas & White Label Software

We made software specifically to avail into SAAS and white label manner. Now we have 45000+ customers from 60+ countries. Many software resellers enjoy recurring revenue by selling our software under their own brand.

Blockchain Integration

Blockchain is a new era in technology. we provide all types of blockchain integration for that.

Software Development, Web-Based Applications

We provide customized software development & web-based application for all kinds of business needs. We have 32+ in-house developer team having expertise in all languages.

Data Backups

We provide all types of data migration along with cloud solutions for all kinds of data. Partnered with Google, Microsoft, AWS, and all for data backups and integration.

Award Winning Quality

We achieved all accolades from our all customers. we achieved 8 points Net promoter score from all our customers.

Smith Donna, Monarch Tech solutions

We got best-in-class developers on sharing basis within a few months from Livyoung. That solves our IT staff needs.

Dave Block, Bloom Lead Gen

Found that their pricing was very much transparent compared to another Automation tool system that our office uses. Spent a lot of time questioning the features presented and got fully satisfying answers. Saves tons of time and money.

John Doe, Extra Space Analytics

We highly recommend Livyoung Realtech in .NET programming and support. They are highly professional and transparent. Balaji made us understand hidden loopholes in my existing platforms. On the reporting side, we love the ability to create drill-down reports. If you are looking for a great team to handle your .Net application, we certainly recommend them. 

Launched Application

Net Promoter Score by Clients

SEO Targeted Traffic Delivered

Revenue/Month Created for SEO Customers