About Us

We Are A Group of Passionate Developers, Tech experts & Digital Marketers

We love our craft, So are our customers. We are most genuine  developers, technology experts, digital marketers, trying to solve customers pain points through technology solutions.

What We Do

Livyoung realtech Formed by our founder Balaji with the vision to bridge the gap between business needs and technology. Coming from the engineering background, it was a natural transition that has shaped the success of Livyoung.

However, Livyoung’s success is truly a collective effort of everyone involved since its inception.

We believe important to cultivate a culture of learning and provide opportunities for individuals to grow. In our experience, it gives astounding stability to projects, brings creative ideas to the table, and gives long term returns. It is something that has given an excellent retention ratio in terms of the resources as well as our clientele.

Livyoung’s vision is to fulfill the role of providing solutions that are beyond the scope of work and to make contributions that add value. Only a learning organization that is not only driven by the processes but is also responsive to the ever-changing landscape, can offer such a solution.

Over the years, we’ve helped our clients go from being SMBs to Enterprises. Our motto is to grow by helping you grow.

Our Values & Mission

Our Mission

To accelerate the world’s transition to more reliable & innovative technology solutions

Integrity & Transparency

We always update our growth partners with all transparent information about progress. This is driven by our core value of integrity and transparency.

Driven by Excellence

We truly strive for excellence in what we do. That drives process and product excellence of clients

Stay Ahead of the Learning Curve

We have a lot of hunger to learn new technology developments. We want to stay ahead of our own learning curve to drive more innovation in our tech products and services.

What We Offer

Staff Augmentation/ IT Staffing

We Provide developers on sharing basis. Developers having all types of programming skillset.

Search Engine Optimization

We already delivered 1.2 million targeted traffic & more than $50000 recurring revenue for our clients without paying $1 on paid ads using our signature method “SEO Flying Elephant technique”

Software, Mobile App & web based application development

We provide customized software, mobile app & web-based application for all kinds of business needs. We have expertise in using all programming languages to do that.

Application Support and Maintenance

We provide all application support in all languages. If you want to save in support team or you don’t want to get in regular maintenance or support for your client, we are there to help you in any language.

Data Backups

We provide all types of data migration along with cloud solutions for all kinds of data. Partnered with Google, Microsoft, AWS, and all for data backups and integration.

User Centric Experiences

We truly believe to design every aspect of our tech solutions to be user friendly. The user is the center of every decision-making process.

Few thoughts

“Your company may not be in software business, but eventually, a software company will be in your business” Naval says.

We are providing all types of technology solutions according to your needs.