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Already Know the Details of Your Project?

Already Know the Details of Your Project?

Do you also support existing applications or software?

Yes, we do take all types of tech support requirements in any language.

Which type of language you are expert of?

We have in-house experts in all programming languages. so we can develop and support any software or mobile apps or applications.

Do you charge per hour basis or fixed cost?

We are comfortable with both models. We charge a per hour basis and fixed cost on a project to project basis.

Do I have to give advance or deposit amount before starting?

Yes, Before we start a project we take a certain portion of the project cost as deposit or advance.

Do you take any orders of SEO?

We generally took SEO assignments based on clients’ budgets. We can discuss this case to case basis.

Whats average experience of your developers?

Our in-house developers having on average 6 plus years of experience.

What your invoice cycle, weekly or monthly?

We normally generate invoices weekly but if you want to pay monthly then the initial deposit amount will increase.

How do ensure my data is secure?

We have stringent rules to follow client data privacy policy. We do follow the Standard operating process for data to be secured.