What are the best mobile app development companies on the market with whom you should communicate?

You could be wondering whether you should make an app for iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile, or if you should make a cross-platform app.

It’s not a simple question by any means, and in order to make the best conclusion, you’ll need to view numerous possibilities on a single list to compare and make an informed decision.

The top Android and iOS app developers may be found all over the world, from California in the United States to Europe and Southeast Asia, due to the nature of the app creation process. These businesses frequently split their offices between various sites.

For example, they could set up shop in the United States for sales and marketing, and in India or Eastern Europe for design and development.

On the other hand, there are strong agencies based entirely in India and Latin America, while the UK consistently has a large number of top app developers.


Years of strong competition culminated in a duopoly of mobile operating systems. Currently, there are two well-established platforms: iOS (Apple’s mobile operating system for iPhones, with several branches – ipadOS for iPads and watchOS for Apple Watch) and Android OS (Google’s mobile operating system that runs on a variety of hardware from Samsung to Xiaomi and Huawei smartphones).

There’s also Windows 10 Mobile, which has less than 1% market share in the United States and less than 10% in all other markets. Microsoft said in October 2017 that it would stop actively developing the platform. There will be no new software or hardware features to build.


It’s always a good idea to look through the app developer’s portfolio. Previous experience in your field or business sector may not only result in a better app but also a cheaper one:

the challenges faced and resolved in the development of previous apps will shorten the time it takes to develop yours, and it also helps if your chosen app developer is familiar with your industry.

Reviews and recommendations are also helpful; if you know of a business that is comparable to yours, find out who created their app, whether it works, and read the app store reviews.

You can also look through the company’s app developer marketplace and read its in-depth guide on how to choose one.


  1. GeekyAnts

GeekyAnts is an online and mobile design and development studio that specializes in driving innovation and transforming industries and lives.

They know React, React Native, Flutter, Angular, Vue, NodeJS, Python, Svelte, and other cutting-edge technologies.

GeekyAnts has worked with over 500 clients throughout the world, providing customized solutions to a variety of industries like healthcare, finance, education, banking, gaming, manufacturing, real estate, and more.

They are trusted technology partners of some of the world’s largest corporations and have assisted small to mid-sized businesses in realizing their vision and digital transformation.

Web & Mobile Development, UI/UX Design, Business Analysis, Product Management, DevOps, QA, API Development, Delivery & Support, and more are among the services they offer.

In addition, GeekyAnts is the creator of NativeBase (16400+ GitHub Stars), BuilderX, Vue Native, Flutter Starter, API beats, and countless more Open Source contributions.

GeekyAnts has offices in California, Bangalore, India, and the United Kingdom (London).

Their key features include:

  • Web App Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • AWS development
  • UI/ UX Design
  • Business Analysis
  • API Development
  • DevOps
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management
  • Maintenance & Upgrades
  • Industries we’ve worked with:
  • Manufacturing & Heavy Industries
  • Wellness and Health
  • E-commerce
  • Entertainment and Sports
  • Education
  • Finance, Banking, and Insurance
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Social Media and Communication
  • Gaming
  • Food and Beverages
  1. The Distance

The Distance has been designing applications in the UK since the first iPhone was released, and their wide portfolio of apps for businesses ranging from household names to world-renowned companies speaks for itself.

Their apps are developed in-house by highly specialized developers in their York app development studio, whose skill sets ensure quality and whose excellence supports each and every mobile app design project.

Native mobile app development for iOS and Android is their area of expertise. On each app platform, dedicated UK app developers provide the highest quality user experience.

They have offices in York, London, and the UK.

  1. Net sells

Net sells is a renowned digital agency based in the United Kingdom that specializes in native and cross-platform mobile app development.

Net sells have clients in more than 40 countries and have had multiple chart-topping achievements, solidifying its place as one of the UK’s most well-known and fastest-growing mobile agency.

Net sells, which has offices in York and London, works with companies of all sizes, from cutting-edge start-ups to global household names, to plan, design, create and maintain mobile apps and web platforms. Hiscox, Uber, Trainline, and Capita are among their clients.

They’re not content with supplying the basic essentials in response to a brief. That’s not good enough for them. They take the time to design and implement long-term, sustainable solutions with you.

They use cutting-edge technologies to solve challenging problems.

They push the boundaries of what is possible, from distributed ledger technologies to highly scalable server-less deployments to virtual and augmented reality.

Their team combines these technologies with a complete plan of execution using a combination of research, analysis, strategy, development, and design.

Whatever your requirements are, their team is built to deliver projects at any scale and with a varied mixture of popular development stacks.

  1. NMG Technologies

 Since 2008, NMG has been a global full-cycle software development firm, creating cutting-edge websites, software, and mobile apps employing cutting-edge technology.

More than 300 talented business owners and entrepreneurs are working with them to take their companies to the next level.

Over 100 consultants, nerds, engineers, and creative types from various backgrounds make up their dedicated team.

When you have a team following processes with tailored configurations for your business, project development becomes a fantastic experience. With 13 years of experience, 500+ clients, and a 100 people team, they take pride in building strategies and processes that work for you.

  1. INTUZ

INTUZ is a multinational IT consulting firm. For SMBs and startups, they have been the ideal technology consulting partner for software application development.

INTUZ works with clients searching for Web, Mobile, IoT, Blockchain, and Cloud application development specialists on a long-term basis as an AWS Certified, Microsoft Partner, and ISO Certified company. They have delivered tailored solutions to real-world company difficulties for over ten years in the sector.

They include platforms such as iOS, Android, IoT, and BlockChain. They have been diligently working for sectors like Healthcare, Fintech, Retail, Ecommerce, Manufacturing, E-learning, On-demand Solutions, Marketplace, etc. their key clients include Bosch, Mercedes AMG, JLL, HolidayInn, Cambridge Publications, and more.